Thursday, November 8, 2007

Good vs evil

Is having information at your fingertips good or bad? I always use Google when I need instant access to information about anything and everything under the sun. Sometimes I find that it's the best thing ever invented but other times, it simply scares me. There's so much good as well as bad stuff you can find that it's hard to differentiate between truth and lies, fact and fiction, rational opinions and emotional ones.

It is already difficult enough to sift out fact from 'fiction' when you read the newspapers (anywhere in the world) nowadays...what more via the Internet.

And if you have an online presence, be it a publication, a blog, a site etc or have made a public 'appearance' of some kind, chances are I can track you down simply by keying in your name or related words...

Some keywords to ponder about with regards to this topic are ethics, responsibility, consideration, privacy, discretion, trust, common sense, objectivity, to add more to the list?

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