Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day of Indulgence

After her Mandarin class this morning I indulged Caitlin in her request yesterday for a tiara or crown as she calls it. So off we went to Mid Valley. She was very obedient for once and even agreed to a visit to the washroom first followed by a chicken rice lunch before going to Toys R Us. We found the tiara. It came with a pair of earrings so it was a good bonus for her.

After being satisfied with browsing at all the other toys in the store, we headed to Jusco for the games. She mentioned on her own that she remembered her promise last night to play only one. She chose to play the Japanese drums where you have to beat on cue with the screen and music. That's the game she never fails to play everytime we visit that place.

We both had fun. What's more fulfilling than seeing your child happy, excited, and enjoying herself? The only challenge was carrying all 17 kilos of her out of the car into the lift, unlocking the doors while carrying her, and putting her down on the bed. She had 'knocked out' the minute I strapped her into the car seat after we left the mall.

I'm taking a breather now before I start wondering what's for dinner....

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