Monday, November 19, 2007

A busy bee

Like most Sunday nights, I asked Caitlin last night what day it would be the next day. Usually, her answer would be "". Not last night. It was "Holiday!!"

This morning, she woke up extra bright and cheery and proceeded immediately to live out her holiday. Toys which had not been played with for months reappeared all over the house, especially her troupe of Barbies and fleet of toy cars. Computer games, V-Smile, books, remote control toy car, a little practice on the piano and drums, paints and brushes, a bath for one of her Barbies, Mandarin and drum lessons completed the day. I didn't have to find ways to keep her occupied as she busied herself independently. However, there were moments when she decided that the computer game required a second player to compete with her.

As for tomorrow, she has already got it planned. She has requested for a toy crown (ala Princess) to be bought from Toys R Us and a visit to the kid's entertainment zone at Jusco departmental store....Fearing that I would say 'no', she offered and promised to play only one game there.

Sigh, kids nowadays do have a mind of their own. In my days, I was just 'blur' and content with my story books during the school holidays.

Giving Barbie a bath

Engrossed with The Three Little Pigs

Completed the entire dot-to-dot book Daddy came home with within half an hour!

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