Sunday, October 14, 2007

Shopping a female thing?

With online shopping so easily accessible nowadays, that is actually my preferred option. However, one problem is shipping and handling costs. Most shopping sites are out of the United States, European countries or larger cities like Singapore and Hong Kong within Asia. Being in Malaysia, the shipping and handling charges could in fact cost more than the product you have purchased so armchair shopping via internet is still most feasible only for items you really cannot get elsewhere. Also, for some things which still require the touch-and-feel and try-on experience, if you're not familiar with the brand's sizes and cuttings for clothes and shoes especially, I would still have to resort to walking into a physical store.

I've never been a typical girl shopper. What I mean by 'typical' is those generalised as females who simply love going shopping just about anytime, anywhere and buying stuff they fancy, being among the first to visit the latest mall that opens in town, check out the latest collection by a designer or a great sale in a departmental store. I'm glad I'm not like that. I'd have to have lots of spare cash if I were so, considering all the financial commitments we have. Not to mention that Eugene would have giant headaches everytime I tell him to top up our bank account since I'm currently his dependent!

However, I do have that craving sometimes to just go traipse around a mall and feast my eyes on those 'unmeaningful materialistic possessions' one could have simply by pulling out a credit card or some cash. I guess, the female in me who wants to look nice and have pretty things still surfaces once awhile. On second thought, I should say "my human nature" since the opposite sex also has the desire to look nice and have nice things. Yes, men love shopping too.

Of course, there are men who only shop when they run out of something. They will zoom into the exact aisle in the supermarket or deparmental store where what they are looking for is located and head straight for the cashier. Then there are those who only shop for themselves. They would not want to even be found dead in a women's section getting especially some undergarments, sanitary pads or tampons for their better half. But, there are those too who love roaming the malls window shopping and buying anything they fancy.

So who says shopping is a female thing?

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