Monday, October 8, 2007

Rhythm of the drums

Caitlin's drum set arrived on Saturday. Now she can practise. Drums are relatively loud instruments and her teacher says she is a loud, rock drummer. She has a set of ear plugs to use at her lessons but now the whole family needs ear plugs too to protect our hearing when she practises.We do not have a soundproof room. Hopefully the neighbours will enjoy the rhythms and not complain!


Sue Shiew said...

hi caitlin,

auntie sue here, remember your kindermusik teacher? Wow, you look very, very cool with those sunglasses . I see mum and dad finally took the plunge and got you the drum set. Way to go....One day, we'll meet up and you and Adam ( my son who also takes drum lesson from teacher Andrew) can make some music together!

annatham said...

the sunglasses were her own idea...she has been quite vain lately and knows how to dress up appropriately for the part/occasion...that's what prompted us to take the pic!

socrates said...

knowing how Deaf Eugene can get at the F1 races... I wonder if he even bothers with the ear plugs