Saturday, October 27, 2007

Caitlin is five today!

Caitlin turned five today and we celebrated her birthday with a party with family, her classmates and some friends. I managed to rent her kindergarten school hall since majority of our guests were her classmates. I felt that the venue was most ideal for their parents to not get lost finding the place or worry about their kids being in a strange environment; plus I did not have to rent children's tables and chairs separately.

All in all, it turned out well despite the air conditioning of that place being under efficient in stifling the afternoon heat. The constant opening of the doors (letting warm air in), and heat generated by almost 20 energetic kids all talking, shouting, laughing, screaming at the same time added to the problem.

I'm glad the food was more than enough with everyone being able to take extras home. Between Eugene and I, we managed to pull off the games to the kids' satisfaction. It's refreshing to see how kids can be happy with just the simple things - simple games, with simple rules and simple prizes. If only adults could be that easily satisfied....

Caitlin's cake was hit with the kids. When it was revealed, all those little 'itchy' fingers were raring to have a poke at The Incredibles family and after Caitlin cut it, they went after the sugar stars that surrounded it.

This is the first major party for Caitlin since her 'full moon' party to celebrate her first month after she was born in 2002. Her first to fourth birthdays were celebrated amongst family only. I guess over the years, she has attended enough 'fancy' children's parties and now knows that she wants one too. So we decided to indulge her this time. She was definitely happy at the party and happier when she opened some of the presents later this evening!

Meanwhile, mum and dad are tired out from having to manage so many kids for the first time. I guess tomorrow will be a lazy Sunday.

Here are some pictures which we managed to capture before the camera battery ran out. The next batch of photos were taken with Lynette's (Eugene's sis) camera so those will come later.

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