Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Big $$$ for kid's birthday parties

Caitlin will be celebrating her fifth birthday in about 10 days' time. This year, she has specified that she wants a "fantastic" party with all her classmates and friends. And she had also specified the cake design as far as six months back.

Back in my time, birthday parties were not so hyped up. Those I attended and celebrated for me had the cake, the food, some games, and most of all, the homely feel as they were always held at home.

Kids nowadays are demanding for parties at kid's entertainment or edutainment outlets, fast food restaurants complete with fancy birthday cakes, professional entertainers like clowns, magicians, storytellers, games and activity hosts and the list continues.

This is all thanks to the creative business minds who know that parents would fork out just about anything for their kids and thus began such places offering their venue and services for kids' birthday parties.

What's good about these places is that they take the hassle of organising the party from the parents, from the decor, to the food and games. But of course, all these come with a price high enough to put a noticeable dent in the parents' pockets.

Caitlin has attended and enjoyed enough of such parties in her five years to now know that it is the type of party she would like to have. So my headache has begun. Thankfully, she has not specified any particular location or demanded any expensive activity.

Since the majority of her friends will be her classmates, we've decided to have the party in her school hall and we are giving in to her request for a cake featuring "The Incredibles". As for the food, I have no choice but to cater. And games? Looks like I might have to paint my face and don a red button nose.

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