Sunday, September 30, 2007

So much to write, so little time

Hi! I'm back at my desk at home for the first time after one month's deprivation. I'm currently using a wireless broadband Eugene managed to get. I think he was tired of me complaining almost daily about the difficulties of being Internet-less and having to visit seedy cafes to do my work. Despite it being broadband, it is still a bit slow as the signal is not super efficient due to our location in a condominium unit that is quite high above ground. Nevertheless, something is better than nothing for the time being while waiting for another broadband service provider to look into our application.

In the past month, we've done quite a lot which I could have written about here. Picking up from where I stopped in late August, here's an update:

We spent five days and four nights holidaying in Singapore over our extended National Day holiday weekend. Caitlin had the most fun especially at the Singapore Night Safari and Zoo. We enjoyed ourselves at the well-organised zoo with its beautiful animals who looked really well taken care of. While some may think it cruel for animals to live anywhere else other than their natural wild habitat, the animals at the zoo did not look stressed from being held 'captive'. They looked healthy, lively,clean, well-groomed and comfy in their 'territory'. There were no cages but well-landscaped areas and enclosures that gave the 'open' feeling. We had a good time meeting up with relatives and friends too and Caitlin got to meet her Singaporean cousins for the first time.

After Singapore, we've been back to our normal routine of work and school. And now with the Muslim Ramadhan month in full swing, Eugene's been skipping dinner at home pretty often, having to attend business-related 'buka puasa' (breaking of fast) dinner invitations. Before this, we had a good share of the Chinese autumn festival mooncakes with still a couple more in our fridge....

Caitlin's school organised a Lantern Festival Party and she had fun with her classmates, schoolmates, their parents and teachers parading with lanterns around the housing area where the school is located. After a wonderful potluck dinner, parents and kids participated in several fun and exciting games.

Next month, it's her school's annual dinner concert. This year, her class is acting out "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" which includes a song and dance, according to her.

My network marketing biz is also picking up and keeping me on my toes. I'm looking forward to earning more consistent income on a weekly basis soon.

Last week, we signed the agreement and paid the deposit for the purchase of our new home located about two kilometres from our present home. We should be finalising the financing arrangements with a bank by early next week. If all goes as projected by the property developer, the house should be ready for us to move in by the first quarter of next year. Although I dread the thought of packing, moving and unpacking, I look forward to more living space, a bigger kitchen and our very own car porch. For those of you living in apartments, I'm sure you can relate to the inconvenience of not having a carpark at your doorstep; more so when you have tons of groceries, a (heavy)sleeping child to carry out of the car, and plenty of baggage to unload from outstation travels.

I hope to be back on track with regular posts here as the days go by and as my Internet connection becomes more permanent again....

And since the recent posts have been pretty dull without any pictures, I hope to work on updating my album in order to post some latest pics here soon. In the meantime, here's one of the apple of my eye, a rare one where she looks really directly into the camera!

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