Monday, September 10, 2007

Handicapped without Internet

Our broadband service provider is apparently suffering major equipment breakdown since August 29 and have yet to resume its service to fuming subscribers like me. That's why this blog has been sitting pretty growing mushrooms. I'm now at a sickeningly noisy Internet cafe near home, trying to get some urgent work done.

Internet cafe users here are typically gamers and totally have no consideration for other serious users like me. Their speaker volumes are turned up to maximum, they are ugly young men with awful hairstyles mainly with some dumb female sitting beside them just looking at their partners kill some monster or maim an enemy....

What is the meaning of life to them I wonder. I have to leave now. The noise is giving me a headache and I have chores to do at home.

I am definitely going to give Nasioncom (my ISP) a big earful and demand our monthly fee is waived for the period of down time when I can get through their customer service line. I think they are deliberately not answering any calls these two weeks.

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