Friday, August 10, 2007

Zoo Negara Kuala Lumpur

After writing the post about the fabulous website of the Singapore Zoo this morning, I thought it could be interesting to also check out the website of my own country's national zoo in Malaysia. I wasn't expecting much at all to tell you the truth but what's worse is that the website wasn't as easy to find.

When I Googled "Zoo Negara Kuala Lumpur", the first 10 results were links to pages from various sites providing info about the zoo, including one by the Ministry of Tourism. All these links failed miserably to provide info satisfactorily.

I tried again with "Zoo Malaysia" and this time, the link was the fifth in the list. Browsing through a few pages of the site, I concluded that it pales in comparison to the neighbouring country's.

It was only when I typed "Zoo Negara Malaysia" that the link was top on the Google results list. Now tell me, if I were a first timer to Malaysia, I would probably have no inkling as to the accurate name of Malaysia's zoo in order to find it among the top 10 results in Google. I would probably have viewed only some of the sites which made reference to the zoo and not the zoo's actual website.

It's Visit Malaysia Year 2007. The three-month long Malaysian Mega Sale is in full swing and I do see lots of foreigners traipsing about in our major malls in the capital city. They look satisfied with the bargains at the renowned designer shops in KLCC and the likes. I wonder if they would feel the same at Zoo Negara....

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