Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The wonders of technology!

This is one of the few rare moments where I wax lyrical about technology. I have never been (and doubt I will ever be) a gadget freak or tech geek. To me, as long as the gadget meets my needs, it will suffice and I will only start learning how to use a function when I need it. Instruction manuals are a waste of time and paper on me.

Since getting my Nokia N73, I've used it to make and receive calls, SMS and take pictures. And when I had to move the pictures to my computer, I didn't even bother to read the manual in detail. That's why I think technology is so great that even for a person like me who wings it most of the time, I still achieve to get it working, and that was even without installing the software from the CD rom provided! Luckily, my printer (another invention that has advanced so much -- from just being a printer long ago, to now a fax, a scanner, a copier, that is "photosmart" as it is called) allows me to connect my phone directly to it, or insert a camera's memory card to save photos in my PC.

Over the weekend, I explored the video function of my phone and recorded an impromptu act by none other than our family entertainer Caitlin. In order to save it in my PC, I had no choice but to install the software from the CD rom (see what I mean, now I will do it because I need it). Of course, I didn't bother to read the manual. I simply inserted the CD into my CPU and voila, it's so user-friendly!

So now my phone, PC and printer can 'talk' to each other. There are so many other functions in my phone I've yet to use since it is yet another wonder of technology. But you know me now, I'll cross the bridge when I need to!

Check out this video of my 'feng tau' (headbanging) kid, courtesy of Nokia N73 and Acer.

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