Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Talking in Chinese"

While Caitlin is progressing quite well in her Mandarin lessons, I have to be reminded that she is only learning to recognise Chinese characters and read them. She has yet to learn to actually speak the language, although she has mastered a few phrases like 'ni khan' (you see), 'chi si ni' (angry with you), 'ta pien' (defecate) and 'siau pien' (urinate)!! Don't ask me how that happened because I don't remember!

She is now reading simple Mandarin books but has not perfected her intonation. She sounds like a 'mat salleh' (malay term for Caucasian), although I have seen and heard many 'mat sallehs' speaking perfect Mandarin (Uncle George, you put us to shame-lah!).

Here's yet another spontaneous video of Caitlin, this time speaking her own version of 'alien' Mandarin. I thought she was mumbling some gibberish at first....

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