Friday, August 10, 2007

Speechless even before the visit

I'm currently checking out the Singapore Zoo's Night Safari website and having gone into the essential pages of what's being offered at the night safari, how to get there, the various attractions, the amenities....I'm speechless, so speechless that I'm writing about it immediately here.

The website is so well designed, easy to navigate and comprehensive in information. And the services provided: they even have shuttle services at an affordable S$4 taking off at convenient times at several hotel pick-up points on Orchard Road (we'll probably hop on one since it's so wonderfully convenient). You can purchase your tickets online, they have an online shop for memorabilia, nice restaurants for you to dine in, the list goes on.

I would expect the other websites of the Singapore Zoo and Bird Park would be equally good and informative.

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Right-side Up said...

Welcome to Singapore Inc.!