Thursday, August 2, 2007

Planning a holiday is hard work (part 2)

Sigh....I've spent a lot of hours the past few days on the net scouring for deals, packages, researching on locations, accommodation, activities etc for two possible destinations: Hong Kong (Disneyland included of course!) and Singapore.

Since our plans for a holiday during the national day weekend was kind of last-minute, we missed out on some good package deals for Hong Kong. And even if I were to plan the trip myself, it wouldn't be possible as most flights on MAS, Cathay Pacific etc are fully booked. One way would be to travel via Macau on Air Asia but the thought of the transfer from the Macau airport to the ferry terminals to get across to Hong Kong island or Lantau island (where Disney is located), plus the odd and possibly delayed hours of the lowcost carrier just got me tired.

So now we're looking at Singapore. The last time I visited was nine years ago so it's about time I guess. And Caitlin has yet to experience the famed Singapore Zoo and its night safari. Hotels in Singapore seem pretty full too with the current "Uniquely Singapore Weekends" promo going on.

Keeping my fingers crossed that we can find decent accommodation at a decent price considering that four adults and one kid will be spending 3-4 nights there.

Points redemption from our credit cards, I discovered, comes with some catch. While it was not stated in print (not even fine print!), their free stays are mostly reserved for non-weekends (I should have guessed). With this limitation, we could hotel hop to save a few nights' cost but preferably not.


Right-side Up said...

When in S'pore, check out Vivo City's kids' outdoor wading pool which faces the sea and Sentosa island - I am sure Caitlin will love it!

annatham said...

Yes, know about it. Will do if we have time.