Monday, August 27, 2007

Manic Monday

School resumes today after a one-week break. Caitlin wasn't too keen on going. She's not quite a morning person just like both her parents most days and is slow in getting ready to get out the door in her uniform and backpack by 8.30am. She got to school at 9.05am today, 20 minutes late.

I've been pretty behind in a number of things lately and suddenly feel overwhelmed with the heaps of stuff still sitting on the backburner. The daily chores need to be done too and I've just got half of them out of the way.

I've four intended posts pending: two for PayPerPost, one about Pa's birthday on 24 Aug and another about Caitlin's first experience in a movie theatre last night with Remy the Rat of Ratatouille.

Other stuff pending are for QuestNet, our trip to Singapore this Thursday, and a personal health 'project'.....

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