Monday, August 27, 2007

Caitlin's first movie at the cinema

We had planned this about 10 days ago but we overlooked pre-booking our tickets. Being the school holidays, Ratatouille would surely play to full house at most cinemas here. By the time we realised our mistake, it was too late since Caitlin had already been looking forward to the movie for one week, having kept to her promise of finishing her homework before the weekend.

We checked out two cinemas yesterday morning to try our luck but were met with either full house or migraine-inducing front row seats up to the next few shows in the afternoon. We managed to get tickets for good seats at the second cinema for the 7.00pm show luckily.

On the whole, Caitlin was pretty happy and thrilled with the new experience of a dark hall, many seats and large screen plus surround sound. I guess the movie was entertaining and straightforward enough that she could sit attentively throughout the one hour and 50 minutes. She even laughed at the appropriate moments. We were actually prepared for her usual "what's happening" and "why" questions but there were hardly any.

She requested for another cinema experience to watch her current favourite movie "Dinosaur", which she has on DVD, but since it's a little dated (2000), we told her we'd have to look out for some other fun movie for kids next time.

This morning, she decided to broadcast her cinema adventure to her teacher and classmates, so that got her going in the end to start getting ready for school.

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