Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The wonders of Google

It's amazing who and what you can find via Google. It feels like the world and all its information is at my fingertips by just typing a few keywords and pressing on the 'search' button. Of course, that means the good and the bad, and more than two sides of the story, pros and cons, the real truths and the real untruths are readily available. The reader has certainly got to be smart enough to differentiate them, although it could be difficult sometimes.

Today, I found an old friend from my school and church days in Melaka simply by 'googling' his name. He is now an Associate Professor at the Malaysia Genome Institute based in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Malaysia National University) in Bangi. Way to go, Lionel!

I'm on this quest to re-connect with old friends from my school days since the gathering of a bunch of us recently. It sure looks like those in academia have been pretty easy to find. Last week, I found another friend via Google after a tip-off that he has a blog named after our Chinese zodiac (monkey), and he is a post doctoral researcher at Harvard Medical University.

The internet is a great tool!

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