Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Signs of aging

I used to do yearly blood tests to ensure I was in good general health but not for the past three years. Preoccupation with work, family and other stuff somehow took over some priorities obviously. For the past few weeks, I had been contemplating an update on my health status since I had been getting aches all over more frequently - backaches, shoulder aches, headaches and aches from old injuries to my knee and wrist.

Last night I decided to see a doctor for the blood test this morning after an excruciating headache. Okay, I am a stubborn mule and love to play Dr. Tham whenever I can to save a trip to the real doc. I simply hate the waiting, and who knows what microbes you may catch from other 'co-waiters'.

This morning I waited for 20 minutes before my number was called. No hitches in the doc finding my vein and sucking my blood out. The last bit called for a weight check. The digital weighing machine read 51.4kg. I was surprised although I knew I had put on some weight since quite a number of pants have suddenly become too snug for comfort. The last time I went past 50kg was when I was pregnant. Never in my life have I gone past 48kg at most all this while. And those of you who know me, know that I lose more easily than I put on.

After noting it down, the doc said, "Try to maintain it at 50". I voiced my surprise that I weighed that much. To that, he said, as we get older, we tend to put on easily as our metabolism slows down. He then continued with the advice of three square meals, no snacking in between, some exercise... Yes, he's right -- as we get older...

Grey hairs are sprouting and the body gets tired easily. Memory loss becomes more frequent. I need to check my eyesight next. I stopped using my short-sighted glasses/contact lenses for at least one and a half years and never bothered to question why. Now I guess I should as signing a bill or credit card receipt requires a step back from the usual distance...maybe that is contributing to the headaches!

I subconsciously expected to experience all these past 40 but my body has decided to start at 39. Wow, aging is becoming real to me!

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