Monday, July 23, 2007

Planning a holiday is hard work

It's been a long time since we took a real holiday. Our last was in 2005 in Penang when Caitlin was three (my profile photo with her was taken then). She enjoyed it the most as it was her first experience (that she was really aware of) staying at a hotel and playing on the beach and in the sea. I remember that she was somehow very fascinated with the light switches at the bedside table and kept playing with them until one of the bulbs blew!

It's time for another holiday. School is off for a week mid-August and there is a long weekend for the National Day holiday on August 31. These few days, I've been looking around in the internet, newspapers and my Amex brochures for good deals, free stays, cheap flights, points redemptions, etc. Obviously, it is another holiday with Caitlin's interest in mind, to give her an experience of travelling in an airplane, or coach, and using her passport. (Parenthood forces you to change your priorities;I am still longing for my snorkelling, kayaking, shopping and foodie trip somewhere I've not been to before preferably....)

Planning a holiday, especially with a young child or children in tow, is a little harder. We can no longer simply rough it out or schedule a hectic itinerary and hop from one place to another at a moment's notice. The destination selected should preferably be kid-friendly, etc etc etc. (parents with young kids, you know what I mean). And it gets harder when you are on a budget and time restraint since we've yet to have money come down from the sky (we're working on that!)and there aren't many vacation days for Eugene just yet.

Hopefully, I can pin down someplace suited to all the above concerns soon.

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