Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Good old friends

Last Sunday, I attended a gathering of old school friends dating back to the 1980s. It came about from a rare visit home from two friends who married each other eventually. Judy and Simon (and their daughter Sara) now reside in the States. We, the 'boys' and 'girls', were a fairly crazy bunch of teenagers back then. Our links to each other were through inter-school activities (we attended all-girl and all-boy schools then), tuition classes, church and for some of us, we eventually became classmates or schoolmates in Form 6 (pre-university). We lived in small-town Melaka then where the various schools were in close proximity and the well-regarded tuition teachers were only a handful.

The girls were a close-knit group in MGS (Methodist Girls' School), displaying what I now call the typical traits of teenage girls i.e. sharing secrets, comparing notes on our crushes, boys, TV shows, songs and other girly stuff. Meanwhile, the boys were also typically their teenage-selves with their own crushes (on some of us!), pranks and etc (I could actually write a book about all the 'etc'). They attended GBS (Gajah Berang, meaning 'angry elephant' school...I went there for Form 6 and till today, I don't know why that school is named such - hey boys, care to shed some light?).

Fast forward 25 years later and there we were, at Desmond's house in Bangsar, KL on a hot and humid Sunday afternoon. After the hugs and introductions to our spouses and kids, the decibels increased and it sounded like we were back to those good old days. I think most of us were reminiscing and laughing about all we did back then and at the same time exchanging info about what we've been up to all these years. We also shared info about other mutual friends. There was so much to catch up on and so many people to talk to that time passed so quickly. I must say I didn't get to really talk to some of them.

Would this be a start of maintaining our contact with each other again? Do we have to wait for some other friends to return from a faraway land to get together again? We girls briefly shared an idea of a reunion next year, our big 4-0 year...Is one year's notice enough? If there is consensus, we could start discussing this seriously.

For the record, those who were at the gathering were:

Ng Sim Kong & Vivian Yeo (& daughter and son)
Lennie Chen (& wife Linda and two daughters)
Desmond Ch'ng (& wife Ghee Keng and son and daughter)
Randy Chitty (& wife Jacqueline and son)
Simon Wong & Judy Ng (and daughter)
Ganesh Nallathamby
Ann Marie Chandy
Loh Foon Fong (& boyfriend John)
Anna Tham


Leona Ho Leonard said...

I'm so sorry I did not get to go to the gathering!!So, yes! We should have a reunion next year.

For your Gajah Berang inquiry, Anna. The legend goes like this. There once was an elephant show probably during the Malacca Sultanate era. Unfortunately, one of the elephants went amok and ran to the area where Gajah Berang is situated. Local people were excited and keep pointing to that area and said "Gajah berang (i.e Angry/annoyed Elephant)...

Dave said...

nice, thanks for the update. i'd been wondering what judy and simon are up to. whereabouts are they? i'm in boston, working as a postdoctoral researcher at harvard medical school. anyway, point them to my blog: i'd like to hear from them.

annatham said...

hi David, you looked like you are enjoying yourself in boston. Judy & Simon are in San Francisco.

Julian said...

Sorry to have missed this out but was on a business trip....

No pictures to share, Anna?

Keep me posted for future reunions and we can talk abt aging! he he

Julian said...

Sorry to have missed this but was on a business trip.

No pictures to share, Anna?

Keep me posted on future gatherings...