Thursday, July 19, 2007

Educational Materials

Since being a SAHM/WAHM, I spend time on the internet sometimes looking for free online educational material to cut cost. Caitlin is at that age where she needs and wants to learn many things and getting books and material from bookstores locally can be limiting and expensive.

There's just so many websites with free, printable, downloadable or affordable material if they are for sale. Some even come with teaching guides, advice, newsletters, forums etc to help parents. There are also educational online games, although I'm not too keen on promoting that. Most kids including Caitlin tend to get hooked to them and spend hours in front of the computer, jeopardising their eyesight and missing out on physical exercise, free play, and outdoors time.

I've just touched the tip of the iceberg of websites, info, materials etc available through the internet. Some sites I've come across are:

PBS, Fable Vision, Fun Brain, Nick Jr., Starfall, Family Education Network,and Caitlin's all-time favourite game site My Little Pony .

Just last week, I was looking for music manuscript sheets for Caitlin to practise wiritng her notes. Her music school did not have the manuscript book with large-size staves for little hands, so I went online. And I found it. It's great because I can select and re-size the various manuscript sheets and print them out for free. This is the website.

And for homeschoolers, there are so many sites with good materials, curricula, guides and information, although I don't know which is better and more suitable.

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