Monday, July 30, 2007

At home with Caitlin

Caitlin's two days off from school last week has stretched on till today since her asthma cough has not improved and she developed a mild fever three days ago. It looks like the fever has gone today while she continues to have phlegm and coughs and pants a little when she gets too active and loud. Her condition seems to bother me more than her as she continues to be her usual active and playfully mischievous self at home, while I have to be the one monitoring her medication and inhaler schedules.

She's been good at keeping herself occupied most times. I'm actually surprised and pleased that she has done without Astro (satellite TV) quite a bit as our TV set in the living room has been out of order since last week. She's been watching a couple of DVDs in the room but mostly occupies herself with books and toys. Hopefully once the TV is working again, she would have forgotten her morning dose of Tom & Jerry cartoons. She seems to enjoy the cat-and-mouse violence which is beginning to make me wonder if it would have any long-lasting effects on her although I keep reminding her that this is just a cartoon and those acts don't happen in real life....

I hope her cough and phlegm will stop soon so that we could get back to our usual routine of her being at school to allow me to do stuff at home in peace!

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