Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wednesday girls' night out

It sure looks like Wednesdays will be girls' night out day for Caitlin and me as Eugene returns home late. Last week, Caitlin decided she wanted a pasta dinner after her music lesson and since I had run out of pre-prepared frozen portions, I took her to the nearby Secret Recipe (a local franchise known for its cakes and has expanded to cafe-type food). Luckily, they had a prawn-mushroom macaroni on the menu. Caitlin's fave food is pasta with 'white' sauce i.e. the carbonara version or the creamy, cheesy type so she chose the only 'white' one which turned out to be the most expensive among all the pasta about having expensive taste!

This morning, I reminded her that she has music lesson this evening and the request for a pasta dinner again at Secret Recipe was instantaneous. Last week, she polished almost the entire serving and left me with too little to fill my tummy (I usually order one serving as it is enough for both of us). Today, I decided to have my own dish, grilled chicken with mushroom sauce, and she decided only half her macaroni was enough for her. Now I feel like a beached whale.

We are home now and she pretty much wants to do her own strong-headed thing while I'd prefer if she eats some fibre (fruits) vs. what she calls "dessert" (ice cream). I can hear her out there at the dining table smacking her lips in satisfaction while I sit here typing, feeling tired and defeated.

She just came to me to display her ice cream-coated mouth and smeared Tshirt...I have to replenish my supply of stain remover after tomorrow's laundry load. I now have to go supervise teeth brushing!

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