Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New job for Eugene

Eugene has just started a new job at a local telco company. Now he's back to what we call the 'client's side' (if you're familiar with that term). For the past ten plus months, he was with an advertising agency with emphasis on interactive marketing and prior to that, with another ad agency after eight to nine years in broadcasting.

Now that I look back, his career seems to be swinging between client and consultancy, having worked in market research firms and ad agencies, and also doing marketing and promo-related work on the corporate side for many years.

I on the other hand have always shunned joining a consultancy. I doubted if I could stoop to the demands of sometimes idiotic clients so I chose to remain on the corporate side, enduring the demands of in-house 'clients' instead!

Do wish him the best.

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