Wednesday, June 6, 2007

How are cars made?

This was Caitlin's question-of-the-day when we were on our way to her music lesson. It aroused my curiosity so I decided to do a search and came upon this five-minute video from the Toyota manufacturing plant in Kentucky.

I just realised that Caitlin is always asking how things are made.

Yesterday: How do you make play-doh?
Sunday: How do you make gingerbread?
Others in the past I can recall right now: How did God make humans? How do you make choc chip cookies? How do you make ice cream? How is cloth made? How do you make toothpaste? How does the baby come out from the tummy? How does the breast make milk for the baby? (I wonder when the question of how a baby is made will come, and I wonder how I shall answer that!)

Now that I've found this website called Cool Stuff Being Made, I think I'll check it out further to see what interesting info they have.

And on the way home from dinner, she asked me, "What is a coconut monkey?" My answer: A monkey that plucks coconuts? Her answer: A monkey that is made out of a coconut...Why did I think it was a real live monkey she was referring to? Now that I think about it, there is logic to that. A paper doll is a doll made out of paper, so coconut monkey....

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