Thursday, May 31, 2007

A new baby cousin

Caitlin is so excited and thrilled that she now has a new baby cousin. He was born at 11.40am yesterday (30 May), weighing 3.1kg, to my younger brother Joon King and his wife Ee Ling. The baby is their first child and third grandchild for my parents.

Caitlin jumped and shouted "Yay! The baby is born" yesterday morning when I told her that aunty Ee Ling was at the hospital. She loves babies and adores her other baby cousins Sarah (22 months), Mark (8 months)and Kinglee (2 years, tomorrow). She had been talking to the baby in aunty's tummy the past months.

We saw the baby when he was just three hours old and this morning, Caitlin pestered to visit the baby again. Today, she touched him, stroked his head gently and kept saying he is so adorable.

Congratulations JK and EL! Welcome to parenthood and the start of a looong and exciting journey!

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