Friday, May 4, 2007

Miss Parrot

Me: Caitlin, please pick up your toys.
Caitlin: Caitlin, please pick up your toys
Me: Please don't repeat what I say.
Caitlin: Please don't repeat what I say. (followed by cheeky snigger)
Me: Stop it before I smack you.
Caitlin: Stop it before I smack you.

Smack! goes my hand on her bottoom. (Yup, I'm one who does not spare the rod although I understand the "no hitting" school of thought)

Caitlin: Daddy, mummy is naughty!

Daddy now comes into the picture and takes on the good guy role, pacifies and reasons with the actual one who was naughty...

I'm sure many of you experience the same thing. Mummy always plays the baddie while Daddy plays the good guy. Is it because Mummy,despite having a full time job just like Daddy, somehow ends up being the one spending more time taking care of the child; thus taking on the disciplinarian role? Daddy always seems to be the one who puts a plaster on the knee and wipes away the crocodile tears.

I'm not complaining about having to be the baddie but simply stating a realisation of how the good guy-bad guy roles fall upon the respective parents.

Caitlin gets into what I call 'Miss Parrot' phases every now and then and it can be pretty irritating. Anyone with suggestions on how I can stop this particular behaviour? I don't know where she picked this up from (at school?) or did she just come up with it on her own?

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