Monday, May 14, 2007


Somehow my mind seems to be dwelling on food today. I had mentioned earlier that I have leftovers most times cooking for 2.5 people. That's what happened over the weekend and today I was lucky enough to have been able to turn those leftovers into 'new' dishes.

The frozen angel hair pasta was thawed, stir fried with a leftover vege dish of mushrooms and celery (what Caitlin will eat!) and minced meat, thick as well as light soy sauce, then topped with omelette threads to make a slightly wet oriental fried noodle lunch for Caitlin and me. Caitlin enjoyed it and asked for more. Yippee!

And for dinner, my fish dish is from some fried fish pieces which were untouched and refrigerated two days ago. Instead of merely reheating it in the microwave making it harder and drier, I stewed them slightly in some garlic bean paste gravy. It tastes reasonably fine to me and I hope it will for the other 1.5 people in my household tonight!

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