Monday, May 14, 2007

A fun weekend

We had fun yesterday at Lynette's (Eugene's sis) place. Caitlin thoroughly enjoyed herself with her cousins. They all skipped their afternoon nap, trading it for swimming, toys and even Nintendo Wii challenges. By dinnertime, Caitlin's eyelids were getting heavy but she stubbornly kept them open to finish her favourite meal of carbonara pasta while continuing to play.

After the early dinner, we headed home and as expected, she fell asleep in the car.

We also got her a new car seat yesterday, one that she can grow with up to 36kg in weight. It's a booster seat with detachable back rest, arm rests and cupholders on both sides. How's that for a cool ride? It uses the car's seat belt instead of its own harness so getting her in and out of the seat is now easier. To get her to switch to the new one, we told her it looks just like a racing car seat and that really helped her accept the idea.

This picture shows what the seat looks like except that the one we got is blue in colour.


Anonymous said...

So you finally got the car seat... "like a racing car seat huh?" Imagine if Caitlin said "Mommy , I'd like to have a pink one instead..."


annatham said...

Yes, she did ask about the pink one which she saw at the shop, but we didnt get it as it was more expensive and not as good in quality.