Monday, May 14, 2007

Cooking for 2 1/2

Having a small family has its plus and minus points. It means less laundry and ironing, and fewer mouths to feed. On the other hand, having fewer mouths to feed also means having to cut down the recipes by half, quarter or even one-tenth, if the recipe is for 10 people. If I don't, I'd end up having tons of leftovers. If I do, shopping for relatively minute amounts of special ingredients and spices especially, is just not convenient.

I enjoy cooking but on a daily basis, cooking for just Eugene, Caitlin and myself can sometimes be frustrating as I tend to run out of ideas. It is limiting when it comes to the variety and quantity. That's when the internet and my old cookbooks and food magazines come in useful. I get transported into another world when I start browsing through them (but that's another story). I usually go for simple one-pot type dishes, steamed food, soups, and stir fries.

Having to cater to Caitlin's and Eugene's food preferences is quite a task at times. In their past life, they were probably Italian, prefering pasta and noodles to rice and porridge. Both also have no liking towards vegetables especially the 'mushy' types like okra and brinjals. Sneaking in the fibres and greens into the food for Caitlin is not always a success. The only vegetables I can happily prepare for her which will not be turned down are celery and carrots.

We were told by a doctor once that we should try being vegetarian as animal protein contribute to many ailments. I can just picture a bigger headache if we do that!

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