Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Caitlin vs. Mr Virus again!

Caitlin has HFM (more info at this link) or to those not familiar with the abbreviation, it is hand, foot and mouth disease. She most likely caught it at school. She's got ulcers on her tongue, in other parts of her mouth and some rashes on her soles. There were some on her bottom too but they've disappeared.

What's most challenging in caring for her is her reluctance to eat as her tongue hurts. Besides that, she is behaving like her usual self and does not have a fever. Liquids, soft and cold food have been on the menu the past 2-3 days and even then, she's complaining and takes even longer than usual to finish her meal, or rather, for me to feed and coax her to finish it.

It's the week before school closes for a two-week mid-term break so it looks like she's getting a three-week break instead, with unlimited access to cold drinks, popsicles and ice cream thrown in, plus skipping her mandarin and music lessons!

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