Tuesday, April 24, 2007

'Tis the season...to file income tax....

We are five days away from the 30 April deadline to submit our annual income tax forms. Eugene and I have yet to get started on it. The Inland Revenue Board has introduced the e-filing option in keeping up with the times. But each time I try to access the site, the pages take ages to load. I can go to the kitchen, cook a dish and return to my PC to a screen that is still blank. And this is with broadband.

While e-filing is supposed to be faster and more convenient, we have not been fortunate enough to experience that yet. It was introduced last year and before one starts filling in the forms online, one needs to get a digital signature, PIN code, log in, etc etc etc....I think we'll stick to the manual filing this year and aspire to experience the wonders of e-filing next year.

I tried their 1800 hotline twice so far to make some enquiries and after going through the standard IVR (interactive voice response) service, pressing "2" for English, "1" for enquiries and "0" to speak to an officer, I get: "Our hotline is busy...please call again later..."

Sigh...such is life with technology.

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