Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Racing driver" is not "work"?

Last Friday at school, Caitlin's art lesson required the children to draw a picture of what they dream of becoming when they grow up. I was a little surprised when she told me she drew an astronaut. Although she had mentioned "astronaut" before in her ambitions list, I had not expected her to have drawn it since it was not one of her favourites compared with "veterinarian", "racing driver" or "chef". I let the thought pass.

Today, in the course of a conversation, she mentioned that her teacher told her "racing driver is not work". After some probing, it was clear that my dear daughter had mentioned "racing driver" as her ambition to her teacher and subsequently drew "astronaut" after she was told the former was not "work"....

I am of the opinion that the teacher has erred. As one responsible to develop young minds, she should have not killed the idea. While becoming a racing driver could be out of the question to most people, it is a fact and proven that it is a career one could consider or strive for, unlike becoming a drug dealer, prostitute or criminal!

So some damage control had to be done with telling Caitlin that her teacher was wrong. Among other things, I reminded her that Michael Schumacher works (or rather "worked" since he has retired) as a racing driver and even earns a lot of money. And to that, she said, "Yes! And his brother too!"

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