Friday, April 6, 2007

Formula 1 weekend

Today officially marks the start of the Malaysian F1 race at the Sepang circuit. And the dear husband is going to damage his eardrums further on race day Sunday together with his dad, both being racing fans.

His love for cars and racing began at age seven. And after more than three decades, he has turned into a walking dictionary of anything related to F1, Rally and passenger cars, drivers, teams, trivia, manufacturers, car parts, websites and whatever else related to cars.

After experiencing and even enjoying it with him in 1998, I don't think I'm crazy enough about it to subject myself to the heat and loud engines a second time. Well, there's always the air-conditioned boxes and grandstand seats to escape the scorching sun or rain but where's the thrill if you're not out there located at a strategic turn to really be close to see and hear the cars when they zoom past? (And back in 1998, the cool and good-looking Mika Hakinnen was you know, we girls generally tend to enjoy sports sometimes more for the players than the game/sport itself!)

So, dear hubby can enjoy it by himself again this year. I'm sure he would love to bring Caitlin along but she is definitely too young to be exposed to the long hours and loud engine noise (despite the availability of ear plugs). He has, however, already instilled the interest in cars and racing in her. She enjoys riding in cars and has developed a 'relationship' with our family car. She's always asking us to drive faster and screams with thrill when we take a sharp bend, she's looking forward to riding on a roller coaster (because of the nature of the ride)and has a sizeable toy car collection. She has named her red remote control car Schumacher and has also stated "racing driver" consistently as one of her ambitions besides veterinarian, doctor and chef.

Come Sunday, it will be just Caitlin and me at home together and I doubt we will watch the race on TV. She is still unaware that Schumacher is not racing this year and I simply do not want to get badgered with questions like "I see the red car but not Schumacher's red helmet. Where's Schumacher? What's happening? (especially when there's a crash)" .... Maybe we could play "doctor" or "cooking" and at most, line her toy cars up to see who can rival Lightning McQueen....

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