Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Caitlin vs. Mr. Virus

Today is the fifth day Caitlin has been down with a viral infection which started with a gassy tummy and watery stool. Then came the fever followed by ulcers in her throat. The poor girl always complains of pain especially during meals as it is painful to swallow. And after meals, it would be followed by complains of tummy ache and a visit to the toilet (or potty if she is glued to the TV! Yes, she has her priorities right!)

We were told to watch out for rashes on her hands and feet as the Coxsackie virus is said to be going around these two weeks. So far after five days, the doctor has ruled that out and her fever is gone today. As for the sore throat, we will just have to be patient.

I hope we will all sleep better tonight as the past few nights have been spent monitoring her temperature and renewing wet towels on her forehead. Caitlin is one who detests taking medication so it's challenging come medicine time.

Viral infections are frustrating, especially when there are so many types of viruses and only some have been identified. Even then, there has not been any cure for some of the common ones yet. We can only manage the symptoms. At least bacterial infections can mostly be identified and the specific antibiotic prescribed to kill the bothersome microbes.

I hope Caitlin will win the fight with Mr. Virus in the next few days. She has however been pretty much her usual mischievous, active self most times when her fever medication is in charge and when her tummy is not acting up.

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