Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Remembering Jennifer

My dear friend Jennifer would have turned 39 today if not for the Big C which took her away from us one week shy of her birthday last year. She faced it bravely and was one of the most positive persons I have ever known. With her faith in God, courage and determination to not let the illness take over whatever was left of her time here on earth, she outlived her doctor's prognosis. Typical of the Jennifer I knew who was the perfectionist who always had everything planned and organised, her funeral was a beautiful one which celebrated her new life in heaven, instead of one filled with hopelessness and sorrow. Even her obituary read "Junior's Mummy Goes To Heaven" with a beautiful portrait of her smiling.

I remember the one day I spent 'babysitting' her at home simply chatting, listening, and massaging her. I didnt' think then that it would be my last time of being in her conscious presence. I am however glad that we said goodbye that way. We exchanged smiles and "I love you"s.

Death is inevitable. However, I believe that when it's faced with faith, hope and love, the journey could be a little more pleasant for everyone.

Happy Birthday Jennifer and I believe you are having a heavenly party as you normally would!

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