Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A new adventure

I call this an open journal, one that is open literally to the world. In the days before the worldwide web existed, the world seemed unreachable and journals were mostly 'closed' or secret. The last time I kept a real journal was over 20 years ago when I was in my teens, jotting my thoughts, feelings and detailing my daily experiences in a secret diary. I still have them stashed away somewhere in an old shoe box in the recesses of a location I should not disclose!

I had first thought of blogging close to six months ago and the idea remained just an idea at the back of my mind, taken over by the daily demands of life, a new business venture and the mischievous antics of my playful and active daughter Caitlin. Later, a close friend created one for our close-knit circle of friends to post and share thoughts and updates on our lives. Thus began my blogging experience and I found it quite fun and helpful.

Whilst a joint blog among friends catered to certain common needs, I found it limiting as I was still not free to write about some things of my own and mainly, what I wrote could not be viewed by others outside that circle, my other friends and family.

So here it is, 'Stories of ACE', my own blog -- a new adventure among the many adventures I have taken and am taking as I travel through the ups and downs of life. It is here where I hope my family and friends can take a peek into the happenings of the lives of Anna, Caitlin and Eugene if they wish to.

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siowyoong said...

lovely intro!! cld be start of your writing career.
did you write poems as well in the past? some classmates did that during my schooldays.
i think this is very much a 'girl' thing .... altho i only wrote up an 'end of year/start of new' - set targets, plan strategies, decide action course - then keep for referencing during the year.
i think ying does a journal too.