Monday, March 26, 2007

Internet opportunities

The internet has indeed opened many doors for those who choose not to be tied down to a nine-to-five job. There are so many people earning their keep and even much more just by taking advantage of the various possibilities the internet offers nowadays.

The most recent one I've come across is writing comments or reviews of websites,products or services advertised in dedicated sites offering bloggers such opportunities.

The internet presents flexibility so people like homemakers, retirees,students and also those with nine-to-five jobs can earn extra cash by offering products and services at their own time. And if they are newbies at this, help is available online through forums, support groups, websites. And there are lots of other resources out there it's totally information overload at times once you start searching, Google-ing, etc.

Even billion-dollar 'traditional' brick-and-mortar businesses have also gone online while there are also newer businesses who have become billion-dollar ones simply by conducting its business through the internet. It's "e-commerce", "e-this" "e-that" nowadays...

And this also presents opportunists an avenue to make quick bucks by duping, cheating or doing business the unscrupulous way. It's important to be aware and know the difference between legal and illegal transactions, products, and companies, to find out more about the people or company behind the business.

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